Friday, July 10, 2015

Omar Sharif and Dr. Zivago

With the passing of Omar Sharif I have to admit I have forgotten the story behind Dr. Zhivago, the movie starring Sharif who will go down through the ages for his wonderful portrayal of the character with the same name as the title. The movie stills are still lush looking bringing back memories of my childhood in the 60's and fashions that are having a revival and seem as fresh today as they were back then. Everything old DOES become new again when you have been through the cycle once or twice!
It is definitely true for fashion, go go boots from the era are now in style and can be bought new or old.  Coats with fitted long princess seams running down the front and back with large collars are popular also.  Bell bottom pants have been a mainstay for some years.  Women wear long straight hair with a center part and Twiggy style short hair cuts are being worn like the "old" days.

I have uploaded images from Dr. Zivago and fashions inspired by the late 19th century time period of the movie and Russia.  Some of the Russian inspired clothing I would also term as folk or culture clothing which are becoming very popular today which I love.  I feel I have already been introduced to the style and have a renewed interested especially when seeing beautiful images.  
You think, Wow, I am tired of those old styles I will never wear them again!  Poof! here the ads come with wonderful visuals and you are caught up in the fashion style machine once again!  Then I think who wouldn't want to dress in an earlier time and culture with gathered fabric on the sleeves and skirts with vests and bodices, very romantic!  Although I think I am transcending fashion somewhat having seen a lot now pick and choose the styles I want to wear.  Don't think I'm not grateful, there is a lot style-wise to choose from being offered today with something for everyone.

As someone so aptly suggested on Twitter, let's all watch Dr. Zhivago tonight and remember Omar Sharif in one of his best roles.  Note; his son Tarek Sharif plays the part of young Dr. Zhivago, Yuri standing at his mother's coffin at the beginning of the movie. It's nice to see a family member alongside Omar in the movie when so many articles say he was lonely and living alone in hotels, although I think at the end of his life his family apparently took care of him.  The last article I read he had been living with family.  Good to hear his family was supportive.  He apparently lived alone for many years by choice.