Tuesday, May 20, 2014

If Cars Could Talk...

Did you know cars can talk?  It's really not a question of if but when!  This old headlight and the little orange guy beside it can say a lot! "We've been through hardscrabble times, good times, and President Hoover - no less than fourteen presidents to be exact!...And now warm our old metal in the hot desert sun and that's a fact!!

Some cars seem to think they will never pass thirty..."Slow Down! How can I?!!" exclaimed CameroZ "There's another race I must go see - if I slow down now it's just not me!"

Blue Dasher has flash and now a guaranteed future.  "Pop!" Up goes the hood "Would you like to take my picture?!"

In base tones behind me I heard a low blast "Can you believe it?!!  Some cars never stop it's just a lot of hot air and gas!!"

Suddenly an ear splitting GGGRRRRRRRUUUUMMMMM with all turbines burning I looked over to see "Is it a plane, a bird?! It's the Daytona reincarnated!!"

"Just stopping for some gas, a tire change and I'll be on my way!" said the Daytona supercharged racer leaping nimbly out of his vehicle that was still trailing smoke and ashes...

"Fintastic!" gushed Pink Pearl Caddy with a giggle and a flutter of her long pink eyelashes!

"Time Out!" I cried, my head just swimming, "My ears are splitting and I'm feeling rather faint because of all the loud exhaust, fumes and smelly paint!"

You could have heard a pin drop it was suddenly silent.  Then I heard a chorus of voices all speaking as one "We're sorry we'll be quiet we don't want the EPA to check us for offending fumes, gasses and starting a small riot!

"You're forgiven" I said turning to leave, "I guess I'm just prone to sniffling" with nothing up my sleeve..."It was those crazy pink eye lashes, so I'm not peeved!"  

Suddenly there appeared as if out of heaven a car and a driver to take me to an English estate called "Carleaven."  As we drove out of sight I turned and I said "Happy emissions to all and...Oh, don't forget to drive right!"