Sunday, July 27, 2014

Add Instant Luxury To Your Living Space With Chandelier Prints!

Paris Opera,The Grand Foyer
Chandeliers are very popular right now.  They come in all types of styles and materials from metal and glass crystals to metal covered in knitted yarn.

Murano Chandelier In A Museum In Venice

Chandeliers add status to a living space by how it is made, whether it is handmade and uses costly materials like leaded crystals and hand blown glass. Some very expensive chandeliers use semiprecious and precious gems instead of crystals!

As I was working on the above chandelier image the thought came to me that instant luxury can be added by just hanging a print or two of a crystal chandelier on the wall!

It can add that extra unexpected pizazz to a space (chandeliers are usually seen handing from ceilings!).  Great places to hang one would be the dining area, bedroom and yes, the dorm room!

For my chandelier I started with a photo image, selecting out the background so that it looked like the Franz Liszt chandelier above without the background. 

Using textures made it become more abstract and roughed up the surface (depending on the texture).  Highlighting the texture grain by using the different modes until I got the look I wanted.

A chandelier from the Victorian period in black and white and with three together.

For lovers of rustic here is a chandelier print that will go well with a contemporary industrial interior.