Friday, July 25, 2014

Beautiful Contrasts In Art

I sponsored a contest titled "Contrasts" at Fine Art America where I have my art gallery.  I would like to show off some of the beautiful images that used the element of contrast in this contest.

There were so many wonderful images that I had to resort to choosing winners by category. Since I love architecture the above image  looking like it was taken with a full frame camera results in lots of detail, depth was also dramatically increased by using contrasting color in the right places a first place winner by Sheryl Bergman!

Second place went to Barbara Richard's Armageddon.  This stunning image looks like the title.  If you have ever wondered what it will look like, well, here it is!

Third Place went to Michael Durst's fascinating intertwining "Thought" contrasting in chrome, black and white with a decidedly digital feel.  The complexity of his image is amazing. 

Dr. Durst is a psychologist living in South Africa and his image does look like the inner workings of the brain! 

The colours Of Dance By Sheila Diemert

An intriguing image of a young dancer dressed in bright green with a shy smile.

Horses playing using the Italian descriptive word "la robustezza" in the title translates "...strength, sturdiness, stoutness, robustness..." as defined by the artist.  A stunning image made even more exciting with the feeling of movement.

Children are alike the world over, this little boy appears to be playing with his shadow on a colorful orange wall contrasting with the dark blue of his sports wear.

A primitive forest in solid colors has wonderful contrast and a lighthearted feel.  

A dream-like image a silhouette of a bird flying against a red evening sky and dark branches.

Sharks teeth in sharp contrast with the desert black background.

Bright contrasting colors on rooftops creating an abstract.

An old barn in pristine white in an open field contrasts with the environment around it.

An old tractor painted in flat acrylic colors speaks of the generation past.