Thursday, March 20, 2014

Taking A New Direction With My Photography

I started a love affair with photography almost two years ago after starting a blog and needing good images.  I have found if I give something a really good try it can become a passion and if I am not careful an obsession!  It has been a learning experience of taking advantage of what is around me nature, flowers, trees the dog down the street.  Looking back now I see my subjects and techniques are gradually changing.
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There are a zillion images out there of flowers, trees, birds and bees, to stand out one needs to not only be good and have all the social marketing in place which I  have been adding gradually although not to the extent that is needed for the type of exposure I should be getting.

Blogging is highly suggested for SEO, so here I am better late than never!  It is really not just about SEO, I love to express my excitement and interest in art and that side of me needs to be expressed or I'm not  going to be completely happy.

I have been doing some reading and researching over the gap of my first post, finding my way of how to go about blogging with more enthusiasm, finding what it is I am interested in writing about.  I have decided it is OK to write about my own art since that is what excites me (or why would I be doing it?!) and know something about, also from time to time other artists and their work.  I hope the excitement about my art discoveries overflows to the reader and not only me.

As I go along I am more interested in enhancing and editing my photography (in addition to other images) creatively than trying for the stunning shot.  I enjoy the challenge of working on the "stunning" in editing/PhotoShop where there is no limit on creativity.  I am not a purist and like making images look more "atmospheric" or even fantastic.  Even shots that are "ugly ducklings" I use and enjoy turning into beautiful swans, but that is for another post.

I recently became interested in the rustic food photography style (I owe Pinterest for this and the tremendous amount of beautiful images there) and recently started taking photos of food that is in my kitchen.  Here is a before and after shot of a store bought cake, the second image showing the textures I added for more drama.

 Here is another before and after of grapes in an old colander.  Old kitchen accessories have "patina" a term I lovingly use often, important for the rustic look.  The more cooked in, the better, metal pans that have darkened with many "bakings" are prized.  The very items I turned my nose up, shook my head at in the thrift store I now prize.  I have a new appreciation for the old serving spoons, tin cookie cutters, used metal baking pans and cookie sheets that are in the kitchen.

I got the idea earlier in the week to also try a popular media subject which I will write about and the different look and some techniques used.  Should you want to look at some of my other art click here for my gallery