Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Looking Back: A Modern Cassanova In Venice

If anyone is a fan of Italy and art this post is about fashion of the 17th century using the character of Cassanova a famous character of Venice and a model for a European upper class dandy.  

The images first appeared in an article in an Italian fashion and style internet magazine.  

The 17th century style of clothing is popular and worn by many Venice revelers at the Venice Carnival which takes place in February. 

The clothes were handmade by an expert Italian tailor Stephano Nicholao who makes and rents costumes to the Venice Carnival revelers and movie production companies, who's business is also in Venice.

I love this series it is beautifully photographed with a camera using film and is not digitally captured.

A beautiful Venice backdrop with the canal for our character Cassanova.

This is a historical look at what the clothes were like and Venice is a perfect place for the surroundings, since it hasn't changed in hundreds of years.  The whole city is listed as a World Heritage Site.

The season is winter, the Venice Carnival is in February not that long ago.  This article appeared two years ago.

Venice side streets are narrow and one can get lost if not familiar with the city.

This period is my favorite for Venice costumes and the style I plan to wear when I go.  I have seen many Venice costumes for men and the color combination of white breaches, vest shirt and tricorn hat with the black wool cape is the most stunning combination.

The young man who wrote the article is also the model, his desire is to go to New York as a writer, if I were him I would stay right there, I'm kidding of course...well maybe not! 

A close-up of the intricately made jacket and beautiful silk brocade.

This is a much different scene than the rainy season where the canal waters overflow the sidewalks.  Visitors and citizens alike slosh around in knee high boots and boats where the side walks are!

Oops there is the ever present cell phone!

Note the photographers in the background.  I understand there are people in costume in December in Venice.

I think someone has just told him he looks wonderful!

Arrivederci alla prossima Venice Carnivale!