Thursday, July 9, 2015

Beautiful Nursery Designs For Your Little Princess

For your little princess you want the best, here are some stunning ideas for a nursery from the DailyMail.  Which would you choose?



Eclectic Transitional

Eclectic with French style bed

Fairytale with dramatic lighting




Which is your style?  Feel free to comment, I would love to hear from you.

What Family Member Prince George Favors In Looks

I was looking at the christening photos of HRH Princess Charlotte.  It's too early yet to decide what family member she looks like.  Although the Windsors and Middletons are probably, like all families, seeing physical characteristics resembling their own members. On the other hand I believe it is possible to now know who her brother, Prince George favors, now that he is older. 

Interestingly, when  viewing these christening pictures I noticed two photos of George that I think reveal this. Look at the photo below of Michael Middleton and Prince George, then look at the last photo of George.  I believe it is easy to see he favors his mother, the Duchess of Cambridge's father, Mr. Middleton.  
Prince George is a miniature of Michael Middleton, just call him Jr.!  

It just goes to show, no one has a monopoly on looks, not even the royal family!  What do you think?

In this last photo Princess Charlotte does appear to look like her mother, which is not surprising although time will tell.  

Below I have included artwork dedicated to her christening, perfect for a little girl's room or nursery. If you would like to see it in full size just click the link below.