Saturday, April 26, 2014

The Art Of Books And Things

Continuing on the theme of book art from my last post this showcases artists from Fine Art America, an established on line art gallery representing many well known artists.  Bob Orsillo's image above shows an old book and other "things" or objects which appears to be dried leaves or flower petals.  He uses the close-up to reveal lots of detail creating a visual feast for the eyes.

Contrasting his own art, Orsillo with another take on books and a John Malkovich matryoshka doll that he found behind a bar on a bookshelf he calls "found art."  I hope that is not a statement about Mr. Malkovich and symbolism of failure of some sort!  It is an interesting and compelling composition.

On a lighter note photographer Carol Leigh's Japanese book, although I can't read Japanese characters, with what seems to be layers of attached papers with fading inks gives wonderful textural depth.

Amy Weiss's violet tinged vignette with a layer of old books, clock, letters, newspaper and purple tulip recalls long past events and places.

I love the textural quality of the old leather books, keys and rough wood in the image above by Gary Gay. 

  Gary Gay

I am drawn to Gary Gay's image of old stacked leather books with sea shells recalling classic sea faring stories like 'Treasure Island,' '20,000 Leagues Under The Sea,' 'Robinson Crusoe' and others.

This image also by Gay looks like stock photography and art, the rich color and almost microscopic detail, the result of either an expensive lens, full frame camera or both.

Lovely composition, photography turned into a painting of an 18th century lawyers desk with books and papers by Susan Savad.  This table looks like where the lawyer would meet with his client to have papers looked over and signatures signed.

A fantasy image by Matthew Gibson of lavender fields running out of a book revealing that books are magic!