Monday, October 10, 2016

Seemingly Ordinary Doorknocker Morphs into...

Griffin Doorknocker, Venice Italy

I'm not a celebrant of Halloween so I was wondering how I could celebrate without coming off as a sorehead.  I like sometimes to dress up my photography and art images so I thought I would give it a try.   I shot this gremlin doorknocker in Venice, Italy several years ago with the aim of becoming a cool looking photo.  (Footnote:  If you are ever fortunate enough to go to Venice realize everything is squished together because there are no roads.  Because of the lack thereof the streets are mostly narrow so backing up to get a whole building in a camera frame is impossible.  Sometimes it is impossible to get a whole door in a frame.  This is a place you would be very grateful to have a wide angle lens.)

OK, not a gremlin you say...more like a griffin on a Medieval church - peephole and all.  I think I exceeded my expectation since I added a message which gave a different feeling...

Bah Humbug Un-Halloween

I love when I can add fonts and a quote from a character in a favorite book I grew up with and change the mood. It has the power to create another place and time with the possibility to make something inanimate come  I know you must be shaking your head but let me explain:  Photographs are rarely perfect.  In the process of editing the image I had to straighten the doorknocker so it became smaller in a sense, but the face SEEMINGLY BECAME LARGER!
Jacob Marley A Christmas Carol

Now that the doorknocker is bigger it has taken on another persona (wonder who?!!). You guessed correctly, Jacob Marley in Charles Dicken's iconic Christmas tale 'The Christmas Carol' (your right answer qualifies you to become part of an elevated group that recognizes with just a mere whiff of suggestion all things Dickens!)! Ebenezer Scrooge's deceased greedy business partner.  The doorknocker not only can speak - it has something Scrooge-like to say.  Marley would applaud (if he ever applauded anything) Scrooge's quote; they were in all practicality, twins!
Next time you see a doorknocker don't think it is only there to let the person inside know you are on the outside, singly instrumental in getting their attention.  Think again.  If it talks back don't be surprised because you have been forewarned!! Especially if it says something you are not expecting like "Bah Humbug!" on a day when you are dressed up celebrating. Take it in stride and be open to the next door knocker you meet.  It may surprise you. You never know who you may run into...